Consistent Quality


Consistent Quality:

We have consistent quality because of many factors:

Our leaders are trained to care about quality and efficiency.

We have extraordinary systems for ordinary people to work within, including our Manufacturing Requirements Program within Net suite that won’t allow us to fail.

Quality checks:

We find the problems at their root and before it’s too hard to correct. We randomly check from start to finish and at all stops in between, not just at the end.
Whether it is when the raw materials come in the door or further down the line, we’re inspecting every step of the process.

Our people:

Our people are one of the keys to our success. We hire A players and get rid of C players. If they’re a B player, then there is positive peer pressure to become an A player. We pay people well, give them constant work and treat them better than they’ve ever been treated. We resolve to be a company that makes them proud. And when we have extremely high expectations, they rise to meet them.

It’s Expensive to be Cheap:

Quality is like buying oats. If you want nice, clean, fresh oats, you must pay a fair price. However, if you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse . . . that comes a little cheaper.”

Bottom line:

Please don’t ask us to do cheap stuff, so we don’t have to tell you “No.” How about this? You can use us for your quality line and use someone else for your cheap one. 
We have no interest in making low quality products for people. If it’s low quality you want, then go east young man. You’ll have to look far, but not hard.


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